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The Top Ranked Management Schools In The US

Talking about the best business schools in the one, the first that comes in mind is Harvard University. This University is known globally for its management programs and happens to be the top place for the best of the academia to come together. When it comes to ranking of business schools the number one in the ranking list the Harvard University in Boston, MA. This is followed by the University of Chicago at Chicago, IL, and University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. It is the dream of many students to study and graduate out of a world-class business school. While there are several business schools all over the US, getting an admission into one of them can be quite a challenge. The Harvard University Business School offers several areas of specialty such as:
· accounting,
· consulting,
· e-commerce,
· economics,
· entrepreneurship,
· ethics,
· financial management
· general management
· health care administration,
· human resources management,
· international business,
· leadership,
· technology and manufacturing management
· marketing,
· “not-for-profit” management,
· production and operations management,
· Organizational behavior, among others.

Other areas of specialization include public administration, portfolio management, real estate, public policy, sports business, logistics, quantitative analysis and statistics, operations research, supply chain management tax, and technology.
Its tuition fees for a year is $72,000 for the full-time program. After graduation, about 78.9 percent of the graduates from the full-time program are employed.

The Costs Involved In Full Time Management Courses
Another top ranking business school in the US happens to be the Universityof Chicago, IL. Better known as the Booth School of Business, it offers areas of specializations such as economics, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, general management, organizational behavior, public policy, and quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research, management information systems, production, and operations management. Its tuition fee per year for the full-time program is about $69,200, and for the part-time program it is $6,854 per credit; for the total program for executives, it is $184,000. After graduation from this business school, about 88 percent of the graduates of the full-time program get employment.

For many people graduating out of a top business school is pivotal in deciding their success. In fact, there are several well-known CEOs of hugely popular global companies who have graduated from one of these top-rated business schools. The alumni of the Harvard School of Business include Meg Whitman CEO of Hewlett Packard, James Dimon who is the CEO of JPMorgan and Chase, and Jeffery Immelt who is the CEO of General Electric. People see Harvard as a dream come true if they were to get admission into it for the various programs that it offers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that students are continually aspiring to get into Harvard Business Schools.

There are also several part-time programs offered by the University of California, the University of Chicago and the Northwestern University at Illinois. These courses are suitable for students who are working during the day, so the classes are usually during the evenings or on the weekends. An MBA program has several specializations such as accounting, marketing, finance, management, entrepreneurship and so on.