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MBA Rankings Of Business Schools In 2018

One of the most sought-after career options in the world is one that of a highly paid manager of a multinational or global company. Many aspirants opt for a management degree from some of the best Business schools because they feel that it would be useful for them, and give them the launch pad to success. In fact, the competition to get a seat at a highly ranked business school is so high and there is a huge demand to get an admission into one of these management programs. Many business schools even offer part-time programs to executives who are already working. Some of the top ranked business schools, known both globally as well as in the US for their full-time management programs in the current year (2018) are:
· Stanford University
· University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
· Harvard School of Business
· London Business School
· Harvard School of Business
· University of Chicago (Booth)
· Columbia Business School
· MIT (Sloan)

As far as rankings are concerned, topping the list is the Stanford program for MBA. As a matter of fact Stanford happens to number one in both the global ranking and that in the US. The course fees is roughly about $141,000 and are for a duration of 24 months. The class has about 418 students and 40 percent of this is made up of female students. The remarkable thing about this institution is that students from about sixty-one countries come together to pursue this course. The weighted salary of graduates from Stanford is $214,742. The second highest weighted salary is for graduates from Insead, at a close $177,157.

How Salaries Matter For Management Graduates
Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Known for the leadership skills that it provides to its students, this business school has an MBA program that costs about $157000, with a course duration of 21 months. Students from 65 countries around the globe study in this business school. Graduates from this business school get a weighted salary of $190,826. Fourth on this list is the London School of Business in the UK which has a weighted salary of $ 167,897 for its graduates. One of the most sought after business schools in the world is the Harvard School of Business. Students from Harvard are seen as the most employable with high business positions being offered to them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Harvard enjoys a great reputation for being one of the topmost Business schools in the world, and one of the most sought after by students across the globe. The weighted salary of graduates from Harvard is $192,133. Closely following Harvard is the Chicago University’s Booth School of Business with a management program of 21 months. The best feature about the management programs in this business school is that it offers what is known as a flexible curriculum. There are about 582 students in the class, and the course fees is about $144,000. Graduated from this Business school get a weighted salary of $174,153.

Thus we see that graduates from highly ranked business schools are highly paid.