About Me

A graduate degree from the top-notch college in the nation and a post-graduate degree from a premier institute of the world. The two together has afforded us the ability to understand what it takes to get admitted to the best of the best business schools on the planet. A strong academic foundation and the experience to crack the admission process of superior universities motivated us to create a platform where others could leverage this knowledge.

To this end, we built Ceubusiness. Through the blog, we help students decide which school is the best for their career path. We recommend executives which course to enlist for further growth in their field. The site is a safe place where all confusions and questions, related to higher education, are laid to rest.

We know that Business school decisions are not easy to make. Most people face career issues that make them oscillate between choices. Through the knowledge we impart, the hope is to give you better career guidance in choosing the right school for you.

For the future, our vision is simple. To manufacture an ecosystem that has all the services and resources to assist applicants in grasping opportunities that seem beyond them, at present. We give support so that you get what you deserve.